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Welcome To Bureau & Putnam Area Rural Transit

Public Transportation

Bureau & Putnam Area Rural Transit (BPART) is a public transportation service, as well as an ADA transportation service for the elderly and persons with disabilities, providing for the Bureau and Putnam County area. Last year, BPART provided service to hundreds of residents in our community driving more than 75,000 trips!

BPART provides service to everyone in the community, with no restriction on age or ability. Whether you need a ride to work, school, the grocery store, your bank, or  to visit family, BPART is taking you places.

                          Two BPART vehicles


As a BPART rider, you can expect safe, reliable, and courteous service which includes:

We are growing! Frequently refer back to this site and our News page as we expand our hours of operations, routes and additional designated trip days.

To schedule a ride call 877-874-8813 at least 24 hours in advance and by noon the business day prior to a trip.

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